Avijit Sarkar 

Avijit Sarkar he is a  CEO & Founder at Indian Specter Paranormal Society he was born at 3rd September 1981. from childhood he is a fearless person, he was used to caught snakes at the age of 10 , he is marshal art specialist, he is a good painter , attempted 4th year of art school examination at the age of 12, he is a trained classical singer , he is coming from a family where all of gents members were in Army , Air force, Police n BSF too, his father also were in Calcutta Police. Even Avijit Sarkar also forced by his family to join Police Force so he was entered an police force examination but unfortunately he was failed for his light body weight. he was a brilliant student of science from childhood n loved to do experiments even now a day also he do different experiments on paranormal science n technical equipments . He did lots of work with different TV channels n now this days he is doing many more work with media e.g. magazines n newspaper n TV shows , he will going to do some TV serial n movie with his own true paranormal experience.

Rev-Avijit Sarkat

                                                                                                                                                                           Avijit Sarkar

                                                                                                                                          BORN- 3rd September 1981

                                                                                                                                                  Ashokenagar (Habra)

                                                                                                                                          OCCUPATION- Paranormal Investigator 

                                                                                                                                         HEIGHT- 5.11

when I was at 20 some mysterious and beyond normal incidents happened with me , those all incident inspire me to come and know what is the word "PARANORMAL" means, then my interest insist me to read some paranormal books and tv shows , then i started to use some old method paranormal equipments , like drowsing rod , compass etc , from childhood I am extra sensitiveness , I can feel anything which is not normal , now I started to know that it is nothing but psychic ability ,at 2010 I was joined in a paranormal society as a paranormal investigator , there i got enough experience, which lend me to open my own paranormal society at 2010 by the name of "PARANORMAL RESEARCH ORG OF BENGAL" , then my urge stretch me to get admission at "PRS" from USA as a student of LLC , the owner of this paranormal institution is Mr: Ryan Daniel Buell , after pass out my LLC and Paranormal Journalism , at the year of 2014 I called by a renowned Paranormal society INDIAN PARANORMAL SOCIETY for work with them as a technical manager & psychic healer , I was called by late Gaurav Tewari Ceo of that society , here i get a golden chance to work with internationally famous ghost hunter Mr.: Robb Demarest , I started research about paranormal phenomena , it’s always haunt me with an interrogative marks that why this beyond normal this happened & what is the reason or fact behind those paranormal incidents which i come to know by my investigation , my research goes on.... and now a day I am a truth hunter and known by paranormal researcher . As a technical manager i used to make different paranormal equipments which can help our investigation , after that i thought i should go back to my own Paranormal society , I was felt to change that society name , and then i change the name of my society there it's come " Indian Specter Paranormal Society", my dream project my own society ... . i would like to thanks all my international friends from paranormal world like 

Mr:Robb Demarest , Mr:Greysen Schmitt , Mr:Mark Robo Clark , Mr: Rich Horn, Mr: Wakar Raj 

 & lots of many more ...i want more good wishers & friends who can give me good advice & guide me for appropriate path of paranormal research.
My journey is going on ....